Address: Maršala Tita 16, 31308 SUZA
Phone: +38531290008; +385993512560; +385919551551


The Pinkert wine story begins in the early 1900s, when the family planted its first vines and built their first wine cellar on the slopes of Bansko brdo, situated in south Baranya right next to a small village called Suza.

Baranya, situated at the far east of Croatia, has been a cradle of wine production, quality grape varieties and viticulture since the ancient times, owing its production of quality wine to its natural surroundings. The great rivers Drava and Danube make Baranya a fertile island in the midst of the Pannonian plain, feeding the land with their waters and many tributaries thus creating the specific conditions necessary to grow quality grape varieties and to produce world-known wines.

Bansko brdo, an elongated plateau located in the north-eastern region of Baranya, has been known as fertile planting ground since the Roman times when it was known as Aureus Mons, meaning The Golden Hill, for its fertility and the ˝golden wines which course down its slopes˝! The true beauty of Bansko brdo is embroidered with many wine roads and pathways, making the scenery dreamy and romantic.

In a village called Suza, hidden on one of those wine roads is where our piece of wine heaven was founded. Our wine cellar is situated only a five minute ride away, a ride that will take you over the scenic gentle slopes of Bansko brdo. The vineyard is situated at an altitude of 198 m (649 ft), and covers an area of approximately 15 hectares (37 ac).

The family wine story was written through the years as the passion and dedication was passed down from generation to generation, with one thing always remaining the same – the unwavering commitment to create fine wine that everyone can enjoy. Today we are proud to produce excellent, quality wine of many varieties. Our philosophy of wine production is that a quality wine begins its journey in a neatly maintained vineyard, and this is why we are proud to be known as one of the most beautiful vineyards in Baranya.

We produce our wine for true wine lovers, and we hope that everyone who enjoys our wine can recognize the hard work we put into its production.

In our winery you can taste wines that will envelope you with their light, airy flavors. Each one of those wines enriched with all the varietal characteristic that will allow you to feel pleasure with each sip. In order to make our wines not only distinguishable by their quality, but also visual appearance, we chose a tulip as our trademark. The tulip is printed onto every bottle we produce, the color of the tulip corresponding to the variety of the wine. The idea of a flower was fitting because it symbolizes nature, beauty and purity, just like the many natural treasures hidden in the slopes of Baranya, also, the Tulip is the only flower shaped like a wine glass, and so the choice for our trademark was quite easy.

There are many wine varieties You can find in the Pinkert winery, but the Grashevina, generally known as close cousin to Italian Riesling, is a variety we produce the most of, since it is the most represented wine variety in East Croatia. We are also proud of the world-known varieties we produce such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot.

We are especially proud of our Couveé wines, made from our excellent red grape varieties. The Cuvée is exceptionally dear to our hearts, as we believe it is a reflection of our passion, all the hard work we put into our vineyard and the wine we produce.


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