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When your wine leaves the nest

I asked Marin how the promotion job went in the Mojo bar and he assured me that it was great by sending me a rather professional e-mail, or as he would say: ˝ a frickin´ professional email.˝. The promotion was a success, the reactions were positive and people loved the wine. It seemed to me I was listening to myself when my father asks me the identical question after a similar event.

A part of me is happy and proud, and the other part of me is wondering… What is going on? I feel as if one of my children has left the nest… and I want to ask more: are you sure everything went alright? Were the wines cooled down just right? Were they presented nicely… but I decide not to. I know how annoyed I get when my father has a million redundant questions. (Sorry dad, I know it´s only because you want the best for me). At the end of the day, I am a big girl, I can handle myself, not that Marin couldn’t handle himself, he has been in business for 20 years after all, a professional through and through, and he knows it.

I tell myself not to be silly, I got what I asked for, because I needed the help. I needed a person who will help me handle promotion related work, since I simply do not have time for everything. My right hand man in Zagreb, far away from the responsibilities I have here in Baranya. Did he do a good job? Definitely! In some ways maybe even better than me? That is also possible, one thing is for sure – he did it in his own way. I am confident that he put his best foot forward.
That is the only way to success, and he knows this very well.

The number of characters in our wine story in growing, which shows we are doing a good job and that we need a good team that will give it all they got in order to get to the top. Lately my sister started showing up, shyly asking if there is anything she could do. I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am because of this. I realized that the people who want a chance to work with me are a good indicator of my maturity, and that I did some quality work in the past few years. If this wasn’t so, they would have never asked for a chance.

Everybody should focus on their work, whatever that might be, create a good team of people around oneself, help others, make the most of the situation and the people in order to achieve the common goal. When you work like this there are no big problems.

Well… more or less, but we always figure them out! Thank You all for your support….



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